January 2012 Luncheon at the Columbia Restaurant


We had 33 attend the winter luncheon and everyone had a great time.  

Boy Acklin is at the end of table, with Pat Reeves Acklin to his right. Foreground right ar Sherry Nichols ( '55) Rasmussen and Joan Bragg ( '56) Parsley.


Dick Jemison, who came from Ft. Pierce, and Jim Budd had a visit while Myrtle Siemers Larson and her great-granddaughter were enjoying Lois Gilles Phillips' company.



Visible here on the left is Sandra Shoemake Buckingham, Bill Buckingham's back, Judy Rogers Owens, Bob Walton, unidentified lady, Dan Abbott, Maggie Maier, Karl Maier.



Left to Right: Sally Cook Vazquez, June Ward Fleisher, Sonja Jemison and Susanne Gould Provo ( '56).