Deceased Classmates

As of 3/15/2018, 173 members of the Class of 1954 were reported to have passed away. That is about 33% of the class. The good side of that is that 67% are still here! The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is an on-line reference we use as a verification source for many of our findings. Not all deaths are reported to the SSDI, however. Our record is not perfect, and we hope we are not reporting any classmate's passing prior to the fact. If you have any additional information about a classmate, please let us know. And if we have made a mistake, please accept our apology, regrets and let us know how to fix it. Webmaster.

Last First AKA Married DOB Died Comments
Albritton Richard Leon   020735 05-Sep-16 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Alexander Robert     042035 03-Jul-09 Source: SS Index
Alman Walter Walt   092436 05-Dec-07 Citrus County, per brother-in-law Pfister
Anderson Jacqueline Jackie Harbour 061437 01-Mar-86 Source: SS Index
Anderson Joel Bobby   122837 16-Feb-16 Source: Bernie Wade
Anderson Roy Roy     18-Apr-11 Source: Citrus County Chronicle
Andrews Clifford Cliff   041435 12-Feb-09 Source: St. Pete Times
Ash Marilyn Marilyn Long 112434 18-Aug-06 Source: SS index & sister Sandra Partin
Beile Donna Donna Blumer 070335 05-Aug-01 Source: SS index
Betts Marcelyn Gayle Hadley 031636 24-Apr-98 Source: sister Myrna Betts Sharon
Blackwell Sandra Sandy Simon 090836 30-Aug-00 Source: SS index
Boggs, III Morris Dimples   011237 No SS index
Bohn Earl Bill   021936 24-Jan-03 Source: St. Pete Times, St. Anthony's Hosp.
Bottomley Joan Joan Montford 081136 12-Jun-11 Source: Times obituary
Bradford Elizabeth Betty Gene Hensick 040638 13-May-10 Source: Husband Norman Hensick
Bradford Robert Bob   051536 18-Sep-16 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Bubser Carolyn Carolyn Wester 100933 12-Jun-16 Source: USPS
Budd James Jim   052336 27-Apr-14 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Burch Stanley Stan   050435 No SS index
Burton Shirley Shirley Kay Sutton 103135 07-Apr-98 Source: SS index
Caldwell Arthur Art   080936 19-Aug-00 Source: Daughter Ann
Caldwell, III John Johnny   122835 15-Sep-93 Source: SS index
Cameron Richard Rick   060136 25-Jan-98 Source: SS index
Campbell George George   012636 01-Oct-98 Source: SS index
Card John John   042234 18-May-12 Source: Sister Barbara
Carlton Martha Ann Ayres 121136 30-Nov-02 Source: SS index
Carson Nancy   Parker 061336 13-Mch-17 Source: Cousin Phyllis Doescher
Chadwick Shelby Shelby   012535 09-Feb-18 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Chapman Patricia Pat Carnes 032036 11-Oct-01 Source: Sarah Shaw Adcock & SS index
Cherry Robert Bob   041236 03-Feb-00 Source: St. Pete Times & SS index
Chew Doris Doris Gilbert 123135 31-Dec-16 Source: Daughter
Cichino Florence   King 041836 26-Jul-02 Source: SS index
Clark Helen Helen Hutchison 042136 29-Jul-07 Source: St. Pete Times
Clower Bettye Bettye Jo Gideon 070535 01-Apr-99 Source: in CA, per SS index
Coleman Shirley   King 092336 01-Oct-89 Source: SS Index
Cone Nancy Nancy Eubanks 082735 30-Nov-94 Source: St. Pete Times
Cottrell Virginia Ginny Wilson 060435 29-Apr-08 Source: St. Pete Times 5/2/2008
Cowan John     050236 27-Dec-68 Source:  St. Pete Times
Cradic Joan Joan Slusser 031936 22-Oct-14 Source: Citrus County Chronicle
Crawford Martha Marty DiAngelo 062336 13-Nov-04 Source: sister Peggy Stala ('50)
Creitz Dawn Dawn Blake 120436 25-Aug-93 Source: SS index
Cressler Sara Pat   010236 17-Nov-02 Source: SS Index
Crist James Jim   012536 15-Jul-92 Source: SS index
Crowell Betty BJ   051036 01-Jun-09 Source: St. Pete Times
Dolan Marylyn   McKune 081336 19-Oct-98 Source: SS index
Drescher Barbara Barbara Broughton 020836 16-Feb-17 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Earle Corinne   Mosiello 091536 13-May-06 Source: in NJ, per SS index
Ecker Donna   Salmon 070536 07-Jul-08 Source: SS Index
Edington Patricia Pat Krum 102036 01-Jan-87 Source: SS Index
Elkin Dolores Dolores Maler 080736 19-Jun-05 Source: SS Index
Elson William Bill   120835 04-Oct-95 Source: SS index
Emery Bruce Bruce   101736 05-Jul-97 Source: SS index
Falor Sheldon     100536 14-Jun-95 Source: SS index
Fernandez Rosalie Rosie DiMauro 060535 14-May-01 Source: in OH, per SS index
Fields Bonnie Bunny Eddy 122536 24-Jan-94 Source: SS index
Fish Grace Grace Maron 050536 25-Feb-07 Source: St. Pete Times
Fitzgerald Mary Ann Mary Ann Camden 010637 23-Dec-02 Source: SS Index
Fleming Roger Roger   060436 30-Nov-17 Source: Montrose Press
Ford Charles Charles McCollum 030935 15-Oct-05 Source: wife and SS Index
Foster June Rosebud Kerwin 062336 30-Dec-03 Source: husband
Fowler, Jr Donald Don   091635 03-Jan-04 Source: wife, Gwen Fowler
Gage Tijuana   Hallahan 061136 02-May-97 Source: SS index
Gaudette Janet Jaye Miller 100236 04-Sep-08 Source: SS index
Geuther Gail Gail Modlin 100936 25-Feb-03 Source: Anetta Eck Gross & SSDI
Greiner Fred Fred   031436 10-Apr-11 Source: wife, Gaylyn
Hare George     080836 15-Aug-79 Source: SS index
Harmon Joan Joanie Burkhardt 041436 06-Jun-13 Source: The News & Observer
Harmony Nancy Nan Schickling 062036 27-Jan-14 Source: Husband Harry
Harriott William Jim   081135 12-May-07 Source: Wife Kaye
Harris Barbara   Oakleaf 081336 15-Aug-91 Source: Evelyn Pinckney & SSDI
Hay Mary Doc Rodgers 083136 01-Jul-83 Source: SS Index
Heath Jennie Jennie Sirmons 123134 01-May-00 Source: of Parkinson's, per brother
Hedman John Jack   081535 26-Sep-12 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Hellyer Margaret Meg Jacobs 022536 03-Jan-09 Source:St. Pete Times
Herrin Clara Jo Straubel 100436 01-Jul-86 Source: SS Index
Hillengas Irene Mike Renbarger 020936 04-May-13 Source: Son Stan
Hofer Alice Alice L. Renner 062036 20-Oct-07 Source: after heart surgery, per husband
Hollett Cherub Angel Brownley 112236 20-Jul-00 Source: in CA, per SS index
Howard Ann   Ainslie 022836 No source
Hunkeler Neil Neil   120237 25-jul-15 Source: Wife Barbara
Jefferies Gary Gary   041336 12-Sep-16 Source: Wife Pat
Jerome Shirlee Shirl Starr 062036 27-Oct-96 Source: SS index
Jewett Marcia Marcia Brunner 041437 12-Mar-03 Source: Evelyn Pickney & SSDI
Jockel Richard Dick   020736 11-Oct-02 Source: Wife Laurel & SSDI
Jones Anita Nita Brown 091536 13-Aug-10 Source: St. Pete Times
Kabana Margot Margot Wittenberg 052736 22-Jul-14 Source: Arizona Republic
Katsaris, Jr Timothy Bennie   112635 No source
Keesler Barbara   Wooten 010737 15-Mar-86 Source: SS index
Kelbaugh June Kelly Wasilewski 111536 29-Nov-99 Source: SS index
Kennedy Larry Larry   012935 08-Jun-94 Source: in FL, per SS index
Kestner Lynn   Dunkerly 070136 24-May-02 Source: SSDI from breast cancer
Kickliter George Kick   072436 06-Nov-99 Source : SS Index
Kimpel Karen Karen Johns 101136 29-Nov-13 Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal
Klutts Patricia Pat Lee 101536 17-Dec-13 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Kole Tanja Tanja Cappadonna 091536 16-Jun-01 Source: in CA, per SS index
Lane Tandy Tandy   072135 04-Feb-14 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Lee John Randy   063036 10-Nov-04 Source: St Pete Times & SSDI
Lew Ross Ross   083136 16-Nov-06 Source: St. Pete Times
Liberty Ann Ann Speer 032236 28-Feb-03 Source: Estate Lawyer & SSDI
Liddle Elizabeth Betsy Robbins 022736 24-Jan-09 Source: Husband Bill Robbins
Ligon Mildred Millie Leadbetter 080935 10-Apr-02 Source: SSDI, from stomach cancer
Lorrier Donald Don   092236 17-Sep-06 Source: Wife, Lynne
MacIntyre, Jr Roderick Rod   050535 01-Oct-04 Son reported his death
Magee Carol   Alberty 082836 01-Jan-83 Source: SS Index
Mathies Charlene     040436 16-Feb-84 Source: in NYC, per St. Pete Times
McCardell Michael Mike   050536 22-Sep-76 Source: SSDI, from plane crash
McCormick William Bill   122636 10-Jan-15 Source: Sister Sherry McCormick Lyon
McLeod Alan Al   120136 09-Mar-99 Source: in Seminole, Per SS Index
Merritt, Jr Benjamin Bennie   100936 01-Apr-05 Source: St. Pete Times & SSDI
Metzger Sara Sally Giuliano 080636 01-May-94 Source: SS Index
Mohr Robert Deane   102536 30-Jan-16 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Morris Georgia Georgia McNulty 020236 26-Aug-12 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Nash Gail   Appleton 102036 21-Jan-91 Source: SSDI, from brain tumor.
Neale Barbara Touchton 122936 12-22-16 Source: Obituary from funeral home
Niebaum Gloria Gloria Vencis 062735 01-Jul-13 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Nipper Kenneth Ken     3-Jan-14 Source: Tallahassee Democrat
Noland Bill     070436 28-Mar-97 Source: SSDI, from heart failure
Olson Carolyn Jeanie Dollar 072536 23-Mar-01 Source: in CA, per SS index
Owens Arthur Lamar   090336 09-Jan-09 Source: St. Pete Times
Padley Forrest Forrest   112535 14-Jan-16 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Peacock Marie   Quaine 050536 28-Jul-03 Source: husband & SSDI
Phillips Eddie Ed   080236 No source
Philson Harry Forrest   082036 No source
Porgal Jeannette Jan Warner 113035 10-May-05 Source: St. PeteTimes & SSDI
Porter Doris   Ellinwood 100936 16-Oct-96 Source: SS index
Proulx Norman Norm   052036 03-Dec-09 Source: St. Pete Times
Randall Ann Ann Frisbey 020437 16-Oct-08 Source: SS index, Alzheimer's per husband
Reynolds Leonard Lee   021835 15-Nov-92 Source: SS Index
Richardson James Jim   090736 23-Aug-13 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Richardson Daniel Dan   100136 14-Aug-14 Source: Wife Ellen
Ricketts Ramona Ramona Cole 090236 24-Feb-05 Source: St. Pete Times
Ringlespaugh Charlotte   Batt 071136 02-Feb-16 Source: Son Bill Batt
Rise Ronald Ronnie   033036 19-Feb-00 Source: SS index
Roberts Lillian Betty Bradley 100836 18-Sep-07 Source: Husband, Dewey Bradley
Rohrbaugh Donald Don   051236 02-Nov-95 Source: SS index
Rose Virginia Ginger   040336 21-Feb-07 Source: SS Index
Rosenthal Eugene Gene   032837 15-Apr-81 Source: SS index
Rounseville, Jr Herbert Herb   112935 26-Dec-03 Source: St. Pete Times & SSDI
Sandstrom Diane Sandy Rinaldi 101436 12-Dec-15 Source: Citrus County Chronicle
Schlesinger Constance Connie Belcher 122235 07-Sep-91 Source: SS Index
Schuh Charles Charlie   013136 18-Dec-09 Source: St. Pete Times
Smith Leonard Leo   051636 09-Jan-04 Source: St. Pete Times &SSDI
Snow Joel Joel   040137 28-May-06 Alzheimer's per Wife
Sparrowhawk Polly Polly Johnson 030235 27-Feb-11 Polly's daughter
Spurlock Cecily Cec Sironen 032536 19-Feb-02 Source: St. Pete Times & SSDI
Stach Rebecca Becky Barker 100836 15-Nov-81 Source: SS index
Stevens Joyce Joyce   111936 01-Dec-07 Source: St. Pete Times
Steward Joan Joan Hurst 070936 03-Aug-14 Source: Son posted on Facebook
Stiles Nancy Nancy Lefebvre 121436 23-Sep-16 Source: Husband John
Stull Walter Sonny   061636 09-Oct-13 Source: Wife, Mary
Talton Sue Sue Hill 092836
03-Sep-16 Source: Daughter Jennifer
Taylor Chester Duane   102934 No source
Thomas Ralph     070835 15-Jun-87 Source: SS index
Turner Colleen Colleen King 050836 25-Jan-16 Source: Tampa Bay Times
Vogel Patricia Pati Belanoff 061636 08-Dec-05 Source: SS Index
Wagner, Jr Clifford Cliff   042836 02-Nov-06 Source: St. Pete Times
Wallace, III James Jim   020936 Exact date in 1992 is unkown
Walters, Jr William Bill   020637 No Source
Warwick Margaret Peggy Strawn 100436 30-Aug-04 Source: SSDI, from cancer
Wells Douglas Doug   010134 30-Sep-96 Source: SS index
White, Jr Kenneth Kenny   051136 08-Oct-96 Source: in GA, per SS index
Wiggin Jacquelin Jackie Lindstrom 090536 15-Apr-88 Source: SS Index
Williams Raymond Ray   031636 05-Aug-02 Source: SS Index
Wilson William Bill   100535 Source: sister, L. Joyce Wilson('52)
Woodward Jesse Wilbur   032836 15-Jul-77 Source: SS index
Woodward Dorothy Dottie Brady 120336 18-Mar-08 Source: husband, Richard Brady
Woodworth Wesley Woody   082736 04-Jul-15 Source: Virginia Gazette
Wright Patricia Pat Carver 082736 13-Jun-00 Source: SS index
Young James Don   081036 No source
Zuchelli Donald Don   081536 20-Apr-09 Source: Deleware  Hospice Center