Here are some notes received from our classmates:


Judy van Sciver (Goodgame) writes from her iPad:

I am so frustrated; I sing in a performance group here in Clermont.  Our big concert is the same Sat. night [as the reunion]. I'm lead alto and can't miss.  Please say hi to everyone.  Still hanging in there.  I'm going to try to make one of the luncheons in the coming months.  Hope the reunion goes well.  Is it possible to get a list of all who come ?  Maybe addresses too?  I'll be sending a donation to help with some of the costs.   Have fun for me!   (4/1/2014)


Myrtle Siemers Larson wrote on April 3, 2014:
Wanted to update you on Fred's & Hope's health situations.  First, I want to thank you all so much for your wonderful prayer support and concerns through these difficult times.  
Fred is now at home with Hospice support.   March was a rough month for him.  On 2/24 he was admitted to St. Anthony's Hosp. with pneumonia & tachycardia. Five days later he was discharged to North Rehab, unable to stand, walk or feed himself.  On 3/24 he was discharged home with assistance from Hospice, able to walk and eat by himself!
Two days later, returned to ER with low blood sugar & additional problems.  He came home the next day with additional care burdens, but he's HOME!
Our precious great-granddaughter, Joanna Hope Scott was born 3/5, weighing 9#3oz and had Craniosynostosis
(premature closure of skull sutures).  This beautiful little girl was taken to surgery at Johns Hopkins hospital on 3/31 (3 1/2 weeks old) to have the sutures released.
While usually done between 2 & 3 months of age, Hope's condition was quite severe so they proceeded.  Hope now holds the title of youngest patient to have this surgery. Previously a 4 week old baby in Spain was the youngest. This condition is rare, occurring in about 1 in 100,000 births.
As you can see, March was quite eventful for our family. We thank God for our Blessings and our dear family &  friends for their loving support.  May God continue to Bless us all and to Him is the Glory.
Be well, continue to care and know that you are special!
Love, Myrt 


Bev (Furman) Praschan e-mailed us on 4/3/2014:

Sorry to miss our last Class of �54 Reunion. : (  Have fun for me! God bless all our classmates and their families. So sorry to hear about Tandy Lane.  I'm sure his family will miss him desperately as well as John does.

My info remains the same: 

Married 60 yrs come Nov. this year to Neil. my "Prince Charming" who turns 80 this year. We're both in good health, for our age! : ) and thanking God for it!  11 Great grandchildren! We are blessed!  Still enjoying  Arizona's great weather! : ) (26 years!)  Bev and Neil Praschan, 11545 E Monterey Ave., Mesa AZ 85209  


Mary Jane Halyard (Dulin) reports:

I am so sorry that I won't be able to attend the 60th class reunion!  I will be in Los Angeles visiting with my son.  Hope you have a great reunion and hopefully Paul and I can make one of the luncheons in the near future. 



Many thanks for keeping me in the loop regarding class of 54 reunion activities.  I do not plan to attend the 60th in May but would like to extend my best wishes to all who do.  I'm sure it will be an enjoyable and memorable event. My wife and I were in Fla. for 2 weeks last winter but not in the St. Pete area.  Should we venture that way in the future perhaps we can join up with classmates at another event.
Best Regards,  John (Jack) Johnson

Just a note to let you & class members know I won't be able to make the 60th reunion, my radiation will not be over till May 2nd, but I would like a class directory please, send me one and I will send a check for it. I was looking forward to the reunion, Thank You very much, please keep me up dated, Thank You for thinking of me & Prayers, Love All, Joan Steward Hurst (3/29/2014)

Lucy Jacobus Bean wrote on her 60th reunion form: "Best wishes to all my classmates. I can truly, fondly remember so many of you. Since this is the last class reunion, I probably won't be seeing you again this side of Heaven." Lucy is raising two grandchildren because her daughter-in-law passed away. Also, her husband, Ralph, has been in a nursing home for silent aspiration pneumonia.

Eleanor Turner reports that she  works as a credit card dispute arbiter and has been Altar Guild Directress at St. Vincent's Episcopal Church for over 35 years. Also her daughter, Dawn, is a civil engineer with Southwest Florida Water Management District. She is not attending the reunion.


"Looks like a great reunion,  Sorry I cannot attend - I will be on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia!"  Nancy Cushman Atchison (3/28/2014)

"Just wanted to let you know that I will not be attending this year.  My health has gone down hill and I don't want to get too far away from my doctors.  I am on the mend and hope I can make it next year. HAVE FUN"   Ed Evans (3/27/2014)



 "Hope, and know it will be a wonderful reunion. Unfortunately FSU graduation is that weekend and I have a grandson graduating! So I will miss it this year. Sad when things happened at the same time! Enjoy it!" Nancie Swope Crabb (3/27/2014)

Did not remember if I had sent you a letter about the reunion.  Janet and I are going on a trip to England and Scotland with our Church group, leaving May 6. Janet has relatives in Scotland we are going to visit. Hope we can make the next one.  Please say "hello "to everyone for us. Warren Bicker (3/31/2014)


Bill Warner e-mailed this (4/29/2014) : I think I have been procrastinating sending this email, but I was hoping to try and make the reunion this time. Alas, we have a wedding we must clean up for at church this Saturday. My wife and I have a small cleaning company to bring in extra income and we can't always dictate the schedule. Please relay my love and blessings to all the old gang. I'll be thinking of you all...  My Facebook page,  I believe, is pretty up to date and my profile picture is only 6 mo. old of Myrna and me. Let anyone who is willing to keep in touch go to my page and send a friend request. Anyway, may our 60th be filled with happiness & success.